Andrew Bolt fights for censorship then complains when he is censored

Andrew Bolt is currently facing legal issues and is being subject to censorship, perhaps you could call it rule by law (not to be confused with rule of law). Many people are calling this a modern day heresy trial. I won’t go into the details of the case or the reasons this has been taken to court, there are numerous resources in the mainstream media which have covered this.

Everyone in Australia has a right to free speech, including Andrew Bolt. However, it should be noted that Andrew Bolt supports censorship of the internet and allowing the government – behind closed doors – to decide what Australian’s are allowed to say online. If you are one of those who have been duped over the whole ‘child porn’ thing you need to do your homework about how child porn (along with stolen credit cards and everything else) is actually disseminated. As a great example, any blog posts about Euthanasia would be blocked under Labor’s internet restrictions, something Stephen Conroy conceded when pushed. This means the the issue of Euthanasia would not be allowed to be discussed online, along with any other issues the government decides is not up for discussion. And get this, the only way to un-censor, let’s say Euthanasia, would be if Euthanasia was made legal, I assume after a public discussion (which is not possible, see where this is headed?).

Andrew Bolt made it very clear on a number of occasions that he supports this plan to censor the internet. He even made a comment on Q&A that “parents cannot be trusted” to look after their kids. The internet restrictions the government wants will give them full legal authority to block any website they want which has not yet been classified by the ACMA – has your blog been given a classification by the ACMA? How about your Facebook wall? This is not ambiguous, these are the laws that they were trying to pass. China cited child porn in the ’90s as their reason de jour to censor the internet, and they now operate a Chinese intranet cut off from the rest of the world. Steven Conroy even made a remark on ABC TV that Google has no problem applying Chinese laws and he wants them to do the same thing here. Perhaps he missed the part where Google took a step back from China and ceased the operation of their Chinese servers, locating them in Hong Kong instead.

Andrew Bolt in numerous commentary pieces and interviews made it very clear that he supports Stephen Conroy’s internet restriction plans, thus, he does not believe that people have a right to say what they want – they only have a right to say what they want if the government says its OK to talk about it.

I wonder if he sees things differently now that he’s the one being censored.

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